Marine Corps Rifle Sharpshooter Badge & Qualification Bars.

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Marine Corps marksmanship qualification badges are suspended beneath a bar reading the type of weapon and qualification received. The badge is also different in appearance, depending on which weapon qualification has been obtained.

For a marksmanship qualification badge to be obtained, a service member must obtain a passing score and will receive a qualification level depending on the score obtained. As of October 1, 2007, the Marine Corps has implemented a scored, Field Fire (AKA Table 2, from 25 - 100 m/82 - 330 ft) portion to the established Known Distance (AKA Table 1, or "KD" from 200 - 500 m/660 - 1,600 ft) course of fire.

This is the tactical counterpart to the competition style shooting of Table 1. The Table 2 fire is based on a 100 point scale and is additional to the legacy 250 point scale for Table 1. Scores for marksman range from 250 - 279, 280 - 304 for sharpshooter, and 305 - 350 for expert. If a Marine fails to qualify on the Field Fire portion, the individual's score will be dropped to 250 regardless of their actual score on the Known Distance course.

Qualifying on the Known Distance course is a prerequisite to continue to Field Fire.

For annual qualification with the M9 Service Pistol, the course of fire consists of engaging targets at distances of 25 yards, 7 yards, and 15 yards (in that order). The qualification scores range from 245-304 for marksman, 305-344 for sharpshooter, and 345-400 for expert.

Once a qualification has been obtained, and the marksmanship badge issued, the badge may be worn for the remainder of a military career, or until a different level of qualification (higher or lower) is achieved. Typically, all Marines qualify with the rifle on an annual basis. The most recent qualification score determines the badge that is worn.

If a Marine achieves the qualification of expert multiple times in his or her career with either the rifle or pistol, an additional "rung" may be added to the respective badge denoting the number of awards earned. If that same Marine then qualifies as a sharpshooter or marksman at a later date, they shall wear that respective badge until they again qualify as an expert.

Weapons attachments, such as the Rifle Combat Optic (RCO) and vertical foregrip, are permitted.

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