Expert Field Medical Badge

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The Expert Field Medical Badge is a United States Army decoration first created on June 18, 1965. This badge is the non-combat equivalent of the Combat Medical Badge and is awarded to medical personnel of the US Military who successfully complete a set of qualification tests including both written and performance portions. It is authorized for wear by United States Air Force medical personnel that meet the same requirements.

Army regulations prohibit the wearing of both decorations simultaneously by personnel awarded the Expert Field Medical Badge and the Combat Medical Badge. In such cases, the Combat Medical Badge has precedence according to Army Regulation 670-1.

The infantry equivalent of the Expert Field Medical Badge is the Expert Infantryman Badge.

The pass rate for FY 2008 was 15.3%, making the EFMB one of the most difficult and prestigious Army skill badges to earn.

Current Requirements (2008 to present)

Comprehensive Written Test
60 multiple choice questions; 75% to pass.

Army Physical Fitness Test
Pass to standard.

M16 or M4 Weapons Qualification
Pass to standard within last 12 months.

Land Navigation
Day and night land navigation courses.

Forced Road March
12-mile road march with a standard fighting load to be completed in three hours.

Current CPR certification

Tactical Combat Casualty Care Tasks

Perform a TCCC patient assessment
Triage casualties
Control bleeding using a tourniquet, hemostatic device, and dressings
Initiate a saline lock and IV
Initiate treatment for hypovolemic shock & prevent hypothermia
Insert nasopharyngeal airway
Treat a penetrating chest wound
Perform needle chest decompression
Treat an open abdominal wound
Treat a casualty with an open head injury
Immobilize a suspected fracture of the arm
Treat eye lacerations/contusions/extrusions

Medical and Casualty Evacuation Tasks

Evacuate a casualty using a SKED litter and litter carries
Evacuate casualties using one- or two-person carries or drags
Extricate a casualty from a vehicle
Establish a helicopter landing point
Load casualties onto a helicopter, ground evacuation platform, and two nonstandard vehicles

Warrior Skills Tasks

Protect self from chem/bio contamination with protective mask
Decontaminate self with chemical decon kits
Protect self from CBRN injury or contamination with JSLIST gear
Store protective mask
Protect self from bio/chem contamination when removing JSLIST
Perform self-aid for mild nerve agent poisoning
Correct malfunction of M16 or M4
Disassemble, assemble, and perform functions check of an M9 pistol and an M16 (or M4) rifle
Move under direct fire, react to indirect fire, and react to an UXO or possible IED
Move over, through, and around obstacles

Communications Tasks (5 Tasks)

Assemble and operate SINCGARS or SINCGARS (ASIP) w/o ANCD
Load FH/COMSEC data and conduct radio check using SINCGARS / SINCGARS (ASIP)
Prepare and Transmit a MEDEVAC request (All 9 lines) (No longer a Mandatory GO)
Submit an NBC 1 Report
Submit an Explosive Hazard Spot Report

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