Diver 2nd Class Badge

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The United States Army issues diver badges is four degrees (salvage, second-class, first-class, & master) and Special Operations Diver badges (formerly the SCUBA Diver badge) in two degrees (diver & diving supervisor). The Second-Class and First-Class Diver badges are identical to those issued by U.S. naval forces. The Army does not issue officer or medical diver badges; however, Navy-awarded Diving Officer, Diving Medical Officer, and Diving Medical Technician Badges are authorized for wear on Army uniforms with written approval from the United States Army Human Resources Command.

On 17 September 2004, the Army's SCUBA Diver badge was redesigned and renamed the Special Operations Diver badge, and an additional grade, the Special Operations Diving Supervisor badge, was created. Previously, the U.S. naval forces' and the U.S. Army's SCUBA Diver badges were identical. The new design includes sharks, symbolizing speed, stealth, and lethal efficiency, and two Fairbairn-Sykes Fighting Knives in saltire, representing the heritage of OSS Operational Swimmers during World War II. The Combat Diver Qualification and Combat Diving Supervisors Courses are taught by Company C, 2nd Battalion, 1st Special Warfare Training Group at the Special Forces Underwater Operations School, Naval Air Station Key West.

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