23rd Infantry Division DUI Unit Crest

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Our Low Price: 25 PACK REQUIRED
Item Number: 1-C1041-Y
Manufacturer: Uniform Accessories Unlimited
Manufacturer Part No: na 5/30/13
23rd Infantry Division DUI Unit Crest are sold one pair per pack.

A gold color metal and enamel device 1 3/8 inches (3.49cm) in height overall consisting of a blue enamel saltire with each arm charged at its terminus with a white enamel five-pointed star, the vertical axis of each star diagonally from upper left to lower right, in front of a horizontal gold anchor, crown to left and gold cable passing through the anchor ring and behind the saltire arms, and a vertical stylized red enamel arrowhead between and touching the two upper arms of the saltire and surmounting a gold sun with gold rays extending above the saltire, overall a gold unsheathed sword, point to top and within the confines of the arrowhead, the ends of the guard between and conjoined with the inner edges of the two lower arms of the saltire and the pommel resting on a continuation of the gold anchor cable.

The areas to each side of the blade where it extends below the saltire and the hilt above the anchor cable all in red enamel, all other areas between the anchor, anchor cable and arrowhead and the saltire of gold stippled, all above a gold motto scroll, the ends terminating at the lower arms of the saltire, bearing the inscription "AMERICAL" in blue enamel letters, the area between the scroll and anchor cable of gold stippled.

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